Back in the '60's and '70's, smoking marijuana meant something entirely different than it does today. That was when it was easy to get a hold of some real smoking herbs that would send you into the stratosphere, and the idea of selling a legal herbal incense blend of other plants and herbs wasn't even on the horizon. Enter the 21st century, where the maze of conflicting drug laws mean that while state law permits medical marijuana dispensaries to distribute marijuana, federal agents make it a regular practice to raid those same establishments and seize all their assets. Not only that, but the poor patients receiving medical cannabis and thinking that they were smoking legal bud have sometimes had the extremely unpleasant experience of being arrested and charged with possession of an illegal substance.

Caught in the middle, more and more people are turning to a Herbal Incense Blend, familiarly known as K2 and herbal spice, in order to avoid the possibility of being charged with a criminal offense. Although there are lots of people who like smoking marijuana every now and then, nobody wants a criminal record added to their name. So, they have turned in record numbers to smoking herbal blends that appeared on the scene in the early 2000's. Given a jump-start by the synthesis of "cannabinoid" that began to be manufactured on the open market around that time, the herbal incense blend niche has only grown in size and stature since then. And why shouldn't it? In spite of dogged persecution by authorities who just can't seem to leave the idea of a legal smoking high alone, many vendors have prospered. When the same authorities tried to dampen the incence market by outlawing various synthetic cannabis compounds, the vendors responded by posting reports showing that none of the compounds in question is in their product. At every step of the way, the bumbling state and federal authorities have shown their illogical hatred of the idea of anyone smoking legal herb and the herbal incense vendors have accommodated them anyway.

Asking "What is herbal incense?" these unjust government agents have tried—and failed—to prevent the word from getting out about herbal incense blends. And today? Smoking legal buds is just that—legal—in all 50 states. No drug test currently on the market is able to detect these products or any of the chemicals in them because they are a 100% natural organic high. Smoking aficionados from former daily marijuana users to those trying to quit the nicotine habit have all found refuge in the new herbal smoking products that offer an all natural high without any negative health, legal, or social effects. Nor is there currently any legal problem with purchasing or smoking legal buds—you could theoretically buy some and blow the smoke in a local law enforcement authority's face, and they could not prosecute you. At least not for possession of an illegal substance.

If there's a downside, it's this: once you've tried smoking legal buds, you probably won't want to go back to anything else. Many of the folks who swore by a bowl a day of Mary Jane have tried smoking the new herbal incense blends and never looked back. While some say that smoking legal herb produces as potent a high as smoking marijuana, others say it's even better; and without the nagging fear of a failed drug test, it's no contest. Who can afford to fail a drug test in Western society these days—with job loss, medical benefits, or even disqualification from sports events as possible consequences? Still others have taken up the herbal smoking high as a way to get off their unpopular cigarette addiction. Far less herbal incense is required to help law-abiding citizens relax; and herbal incense blends have not been shown to be addictive in any study or research. Or, as an alternative to some of the other legal highs—alcohol or prescription tranquilizers come to mind—herbal incense blends are a safe, natural alternative way to help one relax after a hard day at the workplace.

Asking "What is herbal incense?" requires first and foremost an understanding of the context of smoking. Smoking herbal blends made of various psychoactive plants and herbs has a history stretching far back into the annals of human civilization, from ancient Egypt to native American Indian tribes. So from a certain point of view, the onset of a herbal incense blend is merely the next step in an evolution of smoking that began thousands of years ago and continues right up to today.

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